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We are here to provide support for our industry professionals! You are ready to sell....to sell more....to make an impression....



Social Media Marketing, Broker's Opens, Vendor Display Staging, Yacht Staging, Boat Show Event Staging & Marketing, Personal & Team Bios, Personal Stylists, Fund Raising, and even more!

Are you a new broker and in need of support? Have you been a broker for years and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed? What's trending, who is your competition? Is your competition around the corner or across the world? 

Remember, the basics still matter:  Knowledge & Interaction: Know your product AND KNOW YOUR CLIENTS. Having a great internet presence is important-"yada, yada, yada....." What happens when you are face to face with your client or potential client? How are you representing yourself, your product, your client, and attracting future business in real life? Think about it.....Are you engaging on a personal and interactive level during a broker's open or at a networking event? The worst yacht or marine sales promotion event has 3 main ingredients: The Target Market doesn't attend, the attendees are eating and drinking while taking "selfies," and lastly your hard work and purpose go unnoticed. 

Yes, believe it or not, people want to "engage with people" and "feel like people" and know that "their time" was spent wisely. Your success is empowered by a happy client and an impressed colleague.  Your product will sell, your reputation will grow, and your business will thrive. The strategy has become much more complex over the past 5 years. That is where we come in and bridge the gaps between the "basics," the "marketing" and modern day "technique." 

More to come on just how we will make this happen for you....... Subscribe to out newsletter or simply contact us (We can't give away all our secrets). However, the marine and yacht market is getting HOT! Start to prepare now for the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show- 2017.

The interior on this vessel was designed in 2008. Timeless design and proper finishes were instrumental in holding the value of this Legendary Sportfish Yacht. 7 years old when sold and still looked beautiful!

New Direction Marine, Inc,

The advantages of having a Real Estate Agent or Yacht Broker trained and accredited in the skill and art of Staging your property or Yacht: